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Attention Aviators!!

 Are you ready for your Aviator Experience in an authentic Vintage Aircraft?


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We are Boeing Stearman Specialists. These open cockpit bi-planes can get you back to the Barnstorming era, when flying a bi-plane was the most exciting and adventurous thing you could do. Back to WW2, when those young pilots learned to fly in this trainer that they called the "yellow peril". 

We are proud to be the first company in Europe to offer certified flight training in authentic vintage aircraft. If you already hold a pilot certificate, why not add a type checkout in an original 1940 Boeing Stearman? Or, if you hold an FAA certificate, why not really enjoy your Biannual Flight Review by taking it with our instructor in an early biplane.

Think of the fun and personal satisfaction you will attain and you will meet your mandatory Biannual requirements at the same time!Our Center offers fully FAA Certified Flight Training in authentic aircraft from the golden age of flight.

Our flight training can even take you to a coveted FAA Private Pilot Certificate in an aircraft like no other!If you already hold a pilot Certificate, we can add a tailwheel or vintage endorsement to your capability. We can offer all of the following:

FAA Flight Instruction, Tailwheel Endorsement, Aerobatic Training, Upset Recovery Training, Stearman Type Endorsement, Biennial Flight Review etc.

For pilots who take their flying seriously and wish to earn a coveted Stearman endorsement, plan on spending a minimum of 5 hours in the air with our instructors. For your convenience, flight training is available in block hours at a substantial discount from our normal prices. For example

  • - €1300 for a 10 hour block in the Aeronca Champ (tailwheel) and 3 hours ground instruction
  • - €1950 for a 5 hour block in the Boeing Stearman with 2.5 hours ground instruction.

This includes the aircraft, insurance, fuel, and instructor pilot.

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 We can help you if you need a place to stay we have special "Aviator Deals" available.

(luxury resort or nice self catering apartments so you and your family can enjoy a vacation together with fun for everyone (just ask for more info)

       training          how it feels to fly in a stearman
Cadets training school in Arizona 1941 flying in PT17

 How does it feel to be in a Stearman?

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Flight Center Activities:

  • Vintage Discovery Flights in: Boeing Stearman (PT17) - Cabin Waco UIC - Aeronca 7AC Champ-


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