For the Aviator

A Pilot's Paradise at the Pratello Resort in Tuscany.


Pratello’s airfield is now the new southern base for the Vintage Flight Center, in conjunction with Vintage Aeroplane Europe, Inc.


Fly down in your own aircraft and let us pamper you!

Come and enjoy Italy in your own plane!  Bring your aircraft and discover Tuscany’s amazing scenery from above, while staying at the Pratello Country Resort, between Pisa, Florence and Siena.

 Fly and Stay! Just call or email and ask for the Aviator Special. Then take 5% off the lowest published Resort Price!

Special Deal for Pratello guests Discovery Flights above Tuscany in a Vintage Biplane for 195.00 Euros (instead 240 Euros).

The use of this Private Airfield, (Avio Superfice Peccioli Pratello PI09), a beautiful 1000 m grass strip located just nearby the resort, is open free to guests that wish to arrive with their own aircraft.  

As from June 2013: We can offer hangar space in our 500sm2 in our hangar if you wish to park there in safety for the night or a few days; fuel and escort to the hotel are available on request as well. We can also help with suggested routes or places to fly to while you are based here and can offer any aviation support you may need.

Aviation Activities:            Helicopter Flights, Vintage Aircraft Flights, FAA Flight Instruction & Maintenance

Airfield code:                   Peccioli Pratello (Avio Superfice Peccioli Pratello PI09).

Frequency:                      130,00   Pratello Radio

GPS coordinates:             43.33,260N - 10.45,140E

Field information:             Grass strip 13/31    1000 x 30m  elevation 174’

     stearman airport     airstrip        533

For any information or bookings aviation related (like aviator special package) only through direct contact with either of us please either phone or email only (no online booking):

                               Pratello Resort:             +39 0587.630.024       e-mail:

                               Vintage Flight Center:    +39 339.639.5808


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